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Mostly Modest


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      • Tulle Bottom Dress

      • Knit Blazer

      • Knit Skirt

      • Cardigan Sweater w/ Pearl Buttons

      • Turtleneck Sweater w/ Ribbed Detail

      • Pleated Knit Skirt

      • Denim Dress w/ Belt

      • Knit Ribbed Colorblock Sweater

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      • Ribbed Cardigan Sweater

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        Pleated Faux Suede Pebbled Skirt


      At Fox’s Designer, our women’s modest tzniut clothing allows you to be on-trend, but never compromise your modesty standards. Our women’s modest clothing offers dresses, skirts, sweaters, tops and layering pieces that are modern but still modest.  Visit us in store, new styles are delivered everyday all at discounted prices.